10 things we learned this week

Britain's most reputable businesses, family firms' fortunes, 'restrained' CEO pay.

by Rebecca Smith
Last Updated: 15 Apr 2016

1. Following the yellow brick road has led to Lego being crowned the most reputable company in Britain for the second year on the trot.

2. Keeping it in the family is good for business.

3. Apparently the nation’s biggest firms are being positively restrained with CEO salaries. Try telling that to BP’s shareholders.

4. Tesco has scraped a return to pre-tax profit.

5. The top 50 US firms have 1608 offshore subsidiaries between them (to nobody’s surprise).

6. Exxon’s under pressure to carry out a climate ‘stress test’ by investors including the Church of England.

7. Uber’s driven up a profit on each ride it provides in the US – at least on an EBITDA basis.

8. Facebook and Microsoft want the world to know they’re paying men and women equally

9. The costly misconduct of Britain’s big banks works out at £53bn and shareholders are suffering.

10. It’s not just employees who are keen on the idea of six hour working days. Bosses wouldn’t mind either.

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