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10 of the weirdest reasons for getting the sack

From selfies to Farmville, here's some of the more unusual reasons staff have found themselves in the dole queue.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 04 Feb 2015

If you’re performing poorly, you’re always late or you’re dipping your hand into the till then it’ a fairly safe bet that a P45 could be heading your way soon. Unfortunately for some workers, though, getting the sack can be a bit more abrupt.

Employment law consultancy spoke to a number of dismissed workers and bosses and came up with some particularly unusual reasons for letting people go. While some of them seem like perfectly reasonable grounds for termination and others seem a little too fanciful to be wholly true, here’s 10 of the weirdest:

1. ‘I fell asleep on the toilet for two hours. It turns out that I snore.’ Seems fair enough.

2. ‘I put white paint in a milk bottle because I was sick of people stealing my milk. Got fired for trying to poison colleagues by a boss with a mouth full of white paint.’ Can’t blame him.

3. ‘We fired somebody because she could quite literally not staple two pieces of paper together. Anywhere but the corner. The amazing thing was that she drove to work every day.’ Amazing they got the job in the first place..

 4. ’I was let go for "not being a team player". My crime? Being the only person in the department that didn't smoke.’ Or maybe it was for being the only person in the department with a massive chip on their shoulder…

5. ’Fired for taking a sexy selfie in my work uniform and posting it on the internet.’ Always a risk.

6. 'I got the sack for turning up in jeans and T-shirt for a "suit day". It was my first day back from holiday, and nobody told me. The worst thing was being asked to leave AFTER I left holiday sweets for everybody.’ Seems a bit harsh.

7. ‘Sacked for tending my Facebook farm for an entire afternoon when I should have been doing the sales figures. No complaints - I was extraordinarily obsessed with my Facebook farm.’ At least you were being entrepreneurial…

8. ‘Arguing with my girlfriend on the office phone over whose turn it was to do the dinner that night, all during a meeting.’ Maybe next time you’ll do the cooking.

9. ‘Sending emails in all caps with a lilac font colour. He just wouldn't STOP SHOUTING AT CUSTOMERS, even when asked to stop. Loads of complaints from clients, they said we looked unprofessional.’ Nobody likes a garish email.

10. ‘Got my personal Twitter account mixed up with the corporate one. My personal account is a bit near-the-knuckle, and it turns out they can't take a joke. Whoops.’ Easily done. Though that’s obviously never happened at MT…

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