12 emerging economies that are going to be spending a lot more with private companies

The UK needs to get its head in the game if it is going to get a bigger slice of the public procurement pie, the CBI reckons.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 15 Apr 2014

The fact the UK could do with exporting a whole lot more to get a balanced economic recovery isn’t new news (although our trade deficit did narrow yesterday. Albeit mainly because we're importing less, rather than exporting more). But it turns out there’s another export-related bandwagon at whose wheel we are snoozing: public procurement.
Research from the CBI predicts the governments of 12 emerging economies, including Brazil, India and China (but sans current global bad boy Russia), are going to be spending $452bn buying in goods and services by 2030, up 192% from 2011.
The business group wants the government to set up contracting agencies to help companies win business in big new markets and include public procurement in free trade agreements.
‘Politicians must guard against using rhetoric which could damage the reputation of the UK public services industry overseas,’ said CBI policy director Katja Hall.
G4S, Serco et al should be invited off the naughty step then, according to the CBI. Better get detoxifying that rhetoric politicians…
Here’s how the numbers stack up:

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