12 hilarious vintage tobacco ads

E-cigarettes are about to hit our screens, after British American Tobacco's Vype launched its first ads. Remember the spurious health claims Big Tobacco used to make? Here are 12 of the best...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 01 Dec 2015

1. Keeping it simple...

2. Won't somebody think of the Adam's Apple?

3. Doctor's orders

4. The slimming aid

5. Get 'em young

6. The sporting sponsorship

7. Who needs enemies if Ronald Reagan calls you his friend?

8. The lobster was only trying to warn him...

9. Good for your pearly... yellows

10. Casual sexism

11. Pester power

12. The 'Bill Clinton'

Don't forget, folks: your doctor may prefer Camels, but smoking can still kill...


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