The 12 jobs with the biggest pay increases this year

It's not all about the banks.

by Jack Torrance
Last Updated: 27 May 2016

Jobs in the City might still top the salary charts but there are plenty of other vocations that are catching up quick as banks cut costs and demand for marketing and tech skills rises. According to figures from the ‘salary benchmarking site’ Emolument, marketing and comms managers received the biggest salary increase of any role last year, by 37% to £70,000. 

'Despite high-delta remuneration, finance jobs are not topping our table,’ said Emolument’s COO and founder Alice Leguay. ‘Instead, professionals in sectors emerging as game changers such as IT and digital marketing are hot property and those with some experience command fast-increasing pay packages.’

The data isn’t perfect in that it’s based on the salary information provided by users of its website, of which there are 15,691, and it’s also just for London but it nonetheless gives a flavour of how salaries could be shifting. The figures are for total compensation.

1. Marketing and comms manager – up 37% to £70,000

2. Corporate banking associate – up 37% to £82,000

3. Human resources manager – up 31% to £80,000

4. Senior business development manager – up 31% to £136,000

5. C# developer – up 23% to £54,000

6. VP of buy side research – up 22% to £45,000

7. Senior programme and project manager – up 18% to £110,000

8. VP of trading (banking) – up 18% to £189,000

9. VP fund and portfolio managers (buy side) – up 18% to £133,000

10. VP of research (banking) - up 12% to £168,000

11. Java developer - up 12% to £58,000

12. Finance control and strategy manager – up 8% to £82,000

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