18 outrageously sexist adverts from Management Today in 1968

MT wasn't always the steadfast supporter of women in business that it is today.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 18 Jul 2017

MT discovered an October 1968 issue gathering dust in an attic, and within its rather weighty 176 pages were no fewer than 18 sexist ads, mainly featuring bright-eyed, short-skirted secretaries. MT likes to shout about its support for women in business these days, but all was not equal back in the swinging 60s...

1. Mother & daughter. Plastic. Er... we see the connection too?

2. (attractive secretary not included)

3. Men, YOU make the decisions round here

4. Women can be sooo tetchy

5. If she’s useful, she ain’t pretty

6. Business travel = beautiful ladies

7. office rent is just like skirts

8. Only men can sniff out what women want

9. There’s a chair involved. Ergo, there has to be a short skirt

10. How could you refuse her?

11. This building comes with a happy woman

12. Don’t you feel reassured?

13. Service with a 100 watt smile

14. What’s this? An attractive nurse?

15. This machine also comes with a pretty lady

16. Get on with it woman

17. Business travel = women in bikinis

18. And finally, on the back cover...


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