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The 25 skills most likely to get you hired in 2014 - according to LinkedIn

IT was seriously hot stuff this year on the networking site. Apparently recruitment is too.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 15 Oct 2015

If you’re anyone who is anyone in IT, companies really, really wanted to hire you this year, according to LinkedIn. In particular, those who say they can mine, analyse, engineer, manage, store and generally massage data changed hands faster than hot coals.

That supports various studies highlighting a shortage of tech skills in the UK, as well as anecdotal evidence that software developers are regularly lured to new companies with higher salaries, especially in London.

Non-techy skills in high demand, and in some cases probably high shortage too, included foreign language translation, public policy, economics and, er, recruiting.

The networking site looked at the skills recruiters searched for using its aptly-named Recruiter tool and that were listed on the profiles of people who changed jobs this year. The latter, then, will also factor in industries or roles that are high turnover without necessarily needing in-demand skills – sales and, ironically, recruitment, for example, are notorious for not being able to hang onto staff.

The research will also tend towards the industry and usage biased of the 17 million-plus LinkedIn members in the UK. The most common professions on the site in this country are, presciently, information technology and services, followed by construction, financial services, hospital and health care and retail.

Caveats aside, here is the full list for your delectation:

1. Statistical analysis and data mining
2. Middleware and integration software
3. Business intelligence
4. Storage systems and management
5. Perl/ Ruby/ Python
6. Mobile development
7. Network and information security
8. SEO/ SEM marketing
9. Foreign language translation
10. Java development
11. Data presentation
12. Web architecture and development framework
13. Public policy and international relations
14. C/ C++
15. Algorithmic design

16. Integrated circuit design
17. Recruiting
18. Corporate law and governance
19. SAP ERP systems
20. Economics
21. Data engineering and data warehousing
22. Data management and software
23. Mining and commodities
24. Marketing campaign management
25. User interface design

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