30 ridiculously cool CVs

Admittedly a jazzy CV won't always get you a job - but at least it'll get you a lot of love on the internet.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 08 Jul 2014

1. Give this guy a job or he’ll hunt you down on a dark night 

2. His next CV was somewhat more suspicious… 

Credit: Joe Kelso

3. You could package it up as a missing person milk carton 

And send it in a lunch bag

Credit: Miguel Rato

4. Or as a cereal box

Mmm - nutritious.  Credit: Victor Rodriguez

5. In fact, packaging seems pretty popular

This Kenyan art director and photographer got himself a job at a marketing company.
Credit: Omondi Abudho

6. Appeal to the recruiter’s sweeter side

This tasty treat got the creator a job, according to a post that went viral on Reddit.

7. Become HR’s favourite person ever

Your future employer can have their cake AND eat it.  Credit: Zappos Blogs

8. Feeling a bit washed up? Send a CV in a bottle

Credit: Crowdinfodesign

MT recommends packing it in a crate to avoid broken glass.

(Make sure you’re not literally stranded on a desert island if you want an interview)
Credit: Brittany Moran

9. Or on a bottle

Credit: Ben Egnal / www.benegnal.com

10. This one takes some nifty folding

Credit: Sarah Odgers

11. As does this fold-out CV

Greig Anderson now has his own design studio, Freytag Anderson.

12. Lego fish CV anyone?

Digital media strategist Kendra Wiig put her CV in the jaws of this Lego angler. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to get the job with the company, which was working on a Lego-themed game.

13. Perhaps a battered travel theme takes your fancy

Credit: Brian Moose

14. Some CVs are just downright attractive

Credit: Hagan Blount

15. So attractive their creators end up making other people’s CVs

Credit: Hagan Blount

16. This guy also designs other people’s CVs now

Rick Mundon originally made this one for a friend.

17. Tbh you’d expect a graphic designer to be good at what they do

Credit: Jonathan Wong

18. So good that they can make not one, but FOUR awesome CVs

Credit: Riccardo Sabatini

19. Yeah, they’re pretty good

Credit: Scott Stedman

20. Make your CV flow

This flow chart secured Craig Baute an interview with Apple without even applying.

21. Turn it into a slideshow

22. Cool, if a bit creepy

QR CODE - Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.

23. But this interactive game is our favourite. It might just be the best CV ever

Credit: Robby Leonardi

24. Google it

This search-themed CV got Eric Gandhi an interview at Google. He’s now a product designer at e-commerce software company Magento in LA.

25. Map your experience

Credit: Ed Hamilton

26. Amaze-on

Philippe Dubost made his CV into an Amazon page, complete with ‘product reviews’. He racked up 1.5 million views, 150 job offers and a role at New York start-up Birchbox. MT might ‘add him to its wedding registry’.

27. Like

Unfortunately it was 2008 and the global economy had just fallen off a cliff, so the director of CBC Radio 3 Steve Pratt, who later blogged the CV, couldn’t offer Sabrina a job.

28. A stitch in time may save an interview or nine

Melissa Washin, a graphic designer, got the first job she applied for at the end of college.
Credit: www.melissamakesthings.com

29. Wear your CV on your shirt

Could be seen as desperate, but these guys look pretty happy.

30. And finally, probably the most bizarre CV ever

Even if you won’t give this guy a job, give him credit for a) being one helluva brony (male fan of My Little Pony) b) potentially being real.  Credit: Joseph Redmon

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