35 Women Under 35: Nominations open

Alumnae of Management Today's list of rising female stars include Dido Harding, Karen Blackett and Sarah Willingham. Find out how to enter here.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 24 Mar 2021

"Wow," is the word most commonly heard in the judging room for Management Today's long-running 35 Women Under 35 awards. Most of the candidates have achieved more ten or 15 years than most of the rest of us do in 30 or 40. 

But it's also an honour to get a sneak peek at the MT cover stars of tomorrow. A quick perusal of past 35-ers - including Stella McCartney, Karen Blackett, Dido Harding, Sarah Willingham, Martha Lane Fox and Rebekah Brooks - gives a decent indication of the kind of career trajectories these women have. 

Nominations are open until April 15 2021. If you think you belong in this list - or if you know someone who does - please nominate now.

You can find profiles of some past winners here, or read more about the awards here

Image credit: Julian Dodd


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