5 apps that aren't as good as MT's

Like the magazine? You'll love this: MT has a new app. Just to make sure it's the greatest app ever made, we've compared it with the most popular ones on iOS. It's an appy day for us all.

by Courtney Greatrex
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2014

Some business magazines might have had apps for a couple of years, but MT has always been of the opinion that slow and steady wins the race. And so, it is with a smile on our face and joy in our hearts that we can announce we have finally joined the smartphone era. We have an app. It’s available on iOS. It’ll be available on Android soon. We promise.

The app will give you a tablet and smartphone-ised version of our monthly magazine, plus the odd extra. At £4.99 a month or £44.99 for the year, it’s quite literally a bargain.

To download it, open your device, go to Newsstand, touch ‘Store’ in the bottom right-hand corner, and search ‘Management Today’. Or just click here.

Is MT's app really the best ever made? We've done some comparisons with the five most popular on the App Store. We're pretty sure MT is the winner...

1. Facebook

Star rating:  2.5
Our rating: not as great as MT
FB may be Apple’s top download, but it’s been the butt of some serious criticism in recent years. The current version has a rating of just two and a half stars. Hmm.

2. Candy Crush Saga

Star rating: 4.5
Our rating: Nope. Not as great as MT
Ahh, the ubiquitous Candy Crush: the app that made procrastinating a whole lot more inevitable. The app has been downloaded over 500 million times and played over 150 billion times. Its developers, who were aiming simply to get in the top 10 apps, hit the jackpot with this one as the top grossing app in 2013 on the iTunes store. If only its parent company, King, was as popular with investors.

3. Skype

Star rating: 3.5
Our rating: Still not as great as MT
It may have threatened to disrupt phones altogether, but in the end bad 3G coverage means we’re still forced to pay our bills. Still, it’s good for those abroad: despite broken lines and pixelated images, we persevere.

4. Ebay

Star rating: 4.5
Our rating: almost, but not quite as great as MT
Massive data breaches notwithstanding, us Brits love to shop on the go. Ebay’s marketplace app ranks in the top 10 downloaded apps of all time. It hit its 100 million-download landmark in 2012, too and has been steadily growing ever since. Plus, there’s a natty little barcode scanner…

5. iPlayer

Star rating: 3
Our rating: definitely not as great as MT
At least the BBC can get something right: the messiah of British entertainment has been a popular download for smartphone and tablet users. It has been downloaded 20 million times across the UK and it would probably be more if available abroad. For now, though, it’s only open to Brits. Lucky us.

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