5 charts that perfectly sum up Philip Clarke's tenure as Tesco chief executive

He may be in line for a 10 million pound payout, but it hasn't been an illustrious three years for soon-to-depart Tesco boss Philip Clarke.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 26 Aug 2014

When Philip Clarke took the reins at Tesco in March 2011, it seemed like an easy job: the company was in profit, it was busily expanding and had a growing overseas presence. Fast forward three years, and it share price has fallen by a third, quarterly sales are dropping by 3.7% and the company has beat a hasty retreat from some of its largest foreign markets.

To be fair to Clarke, in many ways his predecessor, Sir Terry Leahy, left him with a timebomb: the US business, for example, was about to rupture. But Clarke's leadership has done little to turn around the supertanker that is Tesco. Here are some of the indications of quite how wrong he got it.

1. Share price has dropped by a third

2. Sales growth is at its lowest since 2010

3. Market share is declining...

4... as discounters' market  shares rocket

5. Its overseas market has shrunk

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