7 secrets of successful change management

MT at 50: With the world of work moving fast, your business needs to stay agile to keep up. Here's your change blueprint.

by Ian Wylie
Last Updated: 09 Jun 2016

Preparing for the future world of work will mean big changes for business in the coming years. Research by insight and technology company CEB suggests these are the seven secrets to successful change management: 

1. Changes don’t need to be permanent to be successful. Whether employees are sceptical of the permanence of the change or whether the change loses relevance over time has no impact on the change’s probability of success.

2. Repetition doesn’t make change easier. Past success or failure with a particular type of change has no bearing on how likely future success is, and more experience with change does not predict improved results.

3. Employees have to get it, not like it. But if they understand the reasons, the probability of success improves significantly.

4. Change is key person – not key leader – dependent. Identify which employees are critical to change success and focus support on this group. 

5. Employee readiness, not willingness, drives change success. They need the resources necessary to implement changes in order for them to be successful.

6. A clear goal matters more than a perfect plan.

7. Change implementation should be adaptable, rather than consistent. The most successful changes are those where the organisation is able to adapt its change strategy for different parts of the business.



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