The 8 worst pieces of business jargon 2015

Please never use the word transformation again. And stay clear of responsiveness, purpose and agility while you're at it.

by Rebecca Smith
Last Updated: 24 Feb 2016

Over 900 business leaders have been surveyed to find out what they feel are the most overused corporate words. Nearly a quarter said they were fed up with the word 'transformation', while the increasingly vague term ‘millennials’ came in second at 16%.

Which isn’t that surprising when you see a daily stream of headlines like ‘Why Are Millennials So Obsessed With Food?’ and ‘Millennials, The Biggest Generation of Customers Ever, Don’t Care About The Internet’.

The survey in question was put together by Brand Learning, which knows a thing or two about jargon. The tagline on its website is ‘lifting capabilities to drive customer growth’, which isn’t ironic at all.

The consultancy, which apparently specialises in ‘customer-centred capability development’, says its approach to ‘organisational capability development is people-oriented’. Brand Learning claims to ‘engage heads, hearts and spirits to deliver tangible impact on commercial performance’. 

The eight most overused bits of jargon are: 

1. Transformation (24%)

2. Millennials (16%)

3. Disruption (11%)

4. Agility (9%)

4. Purpose (9%)

6. Human Capital (8%)

7. Responsiveness (6%)

8. Holacracy (1%)

Brand Learning is also currently recruiting for a Client Capability VP – worth checking out if you’re looking for a company which eschews overused jargon in favour of a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to business. 

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