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Management Today believes passionately in the future of British business. On our website, in our magazine and at our events, we aim to curate the practical advice and brilliant thinking that will help UK leaders build or sustain world-class businesses and inspire a new generation to follow in their wake.

Founded in 1966, Management Today is committed to a new mission in the post-Brexit era (whatever its final outcome) to champion business in the UK, enabling them to become more fleet footed, to value growth and scale, and to compete globally. Above all, we want all British businesses to aspire to be world-class in leadership, manufacturing and productivity, innovation and technology, people and talent, ethical sourcing, supply chain and sustainability, brand marketing and trust, competition and collaboration.

In support of this, we will:

  • Reveal how top-in-class businesses practise their craft
  • Explain technological transformation and unpick the innovations disrupting traditional business models
  • Curate the freshest thinking from top leaders, academics and authors
  • Make sense of high level management and business strategy
  • Reflect on the impact of good and bad leadership on productivity and results
  • Go beyond short-termism in examining the role of purpose and long-term thinking in sustainable businesses

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