Accelerator: Editorial - Squeezing value, getting a result

So, here we are with accelerator3. We've had some really encouraging feedback from you all for the first two, so we're staying with the same formula. The idea is that accelerator works for you as a practical guide to business success - take tips and advice away from each edition and put them to immediate good use.

by Matthew Gwyther, editor
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

There comes a rough time in any business when you have to put on your Mr/Ms Nasty hat and fire an employee. It might be your fault that it's come to this and you have to let the individual go, or it might not. Whatever, it's vital that you go through the proper dismissal procedures if you want to avoid the nightmare of an industrial tribunal, which will cost you plenty in cash, time and heartache.

Banks are on everyone's mind at the moment and not exactly because they are flavour of the month. But how do you squeeze the best deal out of your bank manager? - if you can find him or her, rather than a disembodied voice coming down the line from Bangalore.

Finally, how do you do your firm justice through advertising without the megabucks spent by Persil, Pepsi or Peugeot each year? Get yourself noticed on the cheap. See p26 to discover how...

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