Accelerator: Getting the fundamentals sorted out

Here we are with accelerator no. 2. The first edition received a terrific response from readers - we've heard stories of it being hoarded and pinched from offices, which is good news. So we've kept to exactly the same formula. What we're trying to provide is a practical tool for business success aimed at those who run small businesses. Every article gives you something to take way and put to good use: whether it's a vital guide to cashflow and how to stay solvent (a big burden on those who run SMEs), the importance of finding the right premises, or how to win the talent wars.

by Matthew Gwyther, editor
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Vincent and Dimbleby's Just Do It column is about talent, too - or, more specifically, how you feel at that watershed moment when you no longer know every member of your team personally and by name. It's about a small loss of beauty as small becomes medium-sized.

And there's the return of Khalid Aziz - no slave to political correctness - with his Red Tape Bonfire, which has an almighty go at maternity leave legislation. It's fair to say - as they say in the small print - that the opinions of columnists are not necessarily those held by the editors and publishers of the magazine...

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