Accelerator: Vox populi

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

We asked: 'What will be your biggest opportunity for summer 2007?' You
'Internet growth to access overseas markets'
'Competitor consolidation'
'New product launches'
'M&A activity'
'Global warming'
'Taking advantage of the good weather'

We asked: 'What will be your biggest threat?' You said:
'Losing good staff'
'Cashflow, as it takes big businesses such a long time to make up their
'Price pressure'
'Salary expectations'
'Not working hard enough'
'Gordon Brown as PM'

We asked: 'What single change in your business would make your life
easier?' You said:
'Less red tape'
'36 hours in the day, eight days in the week'
'A PA'
'My competitors ceasing trading'
'Clients paying on time'
'A reliable second-in-command'
'More working capital'


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