Accelerator: Vox populi

We asked: 'What will be the biggest opportunity for your business in the next quarter?' You said:

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

'A dedicated US sales director in New York City. There's no substitute for face-time with US retailers'

'Re-launching with a new and better website'

'There is plenty more work out there, if only I had any time to do some marketing'

'Development of different income streams so that we are not dependent on a few clients'

'To grow into a larger organisation, start to employ staff and win more clients. However, before I do this, I really need to make sure that this is the direction that I want to proceed in; that will take some time and a holiday!'

'Monetising some of what we currently give away for free'

'Selling off bits of it'

'The new football season'

We asked: 'What will be the biggest threat?' You said:

'Economic slowdown and the effects of the US sub-prime lenders' losses'

'Competition from everywhere, but especially from economies that are more business-friendly.'

'Bad debts'

'Inability of staff to cope with the demands placed on them by a growing business'

'Drowning in bureaucratic twiddling'

'A huge corporate rival trying to take us on'

'Trying to do too much'

'The death of my father and subsequent, albeit temporary, loss of energy and vision'.

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