Admiral serves up 'comfort food results'

'2013 was the year of the baked potato,' according to chief exec Henry Engelhardt.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 22 Sep 2015

Admiral chief exec Henry Engelhardt has become the latest business boss to gift us with gloriously eccentric corporate comms. ‘It was the year of the baked potato, not brown bread ice cream,’ Engelhardt declared of the car insurer’s 2013 results, presumably trying to get everyone chomping on what was otherwise a dull, if dependable, set of results.

Admiral, the UK’s second largest car insurer behind Direct Line (although it is in the FTSE 100, unlike its rival), reported profits rose 7% to £370m in 2013, citing a 4% increase in insured vehicles to 3.7 million and the launch of a new overseas website. However, revenue fell 8% to just over £2bn.

‘It was a good, solid year, something on the plate that is appreciated but doesn't really grab the spotlight. This is a comfort food set of results,’ Engelhardt said. ‘Why the baked potato? Because the year was solid, but not flashy.’

The insurance boss, who also organises yearly egg roulette at the Cardiff-based company (where one in six eggs cracked over employees heads aren’t boiled), then waxed lyrical about the nutritional value of the humble spud: ‘Did you know that potatoes have more potassium than bananas? They are very low in saturated fats (although I must admit, I like mine with butter or sour cream and I suspect that can't be good. Did anyone mention salt?).’

The wider point Engelhardt wants to impart? Admiral is to business success what potatoes are to nutrients - he wants us to know it’s there, even if you might not notice it at first. After Sir Martin Sorrell’s ‘grey swans’ and Paddy Power telling us, ‘Sports results went backwards and forwards like a naked Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball’ MT feels positively spoilt by all these bards of business.

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