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'Alongside musical theatre, cars are my only vice' - dating site entrepreneur Ross Williams

With a net worth of £30 million, the founder and CEO of online dating provider Venntro met his wife on the internet and has a pilot's licence.

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 11 Mar 2016


After getting up at 5.30am, I run along Regent's Canal or go to the Psycle spin studio near my home in Islington, using my Apple Watch (left) as a heart-rate monitor. It's a great way to start the day. My record time getting ready for work is 12 minutes. I'm a convert to Hermès Terre d'Hermès skincare products, and usually wear jackets, shirts, jeans and brown brogues from Mr Porter. I tend to use Hailo or Uber to get to our office in Covent Garden, or drive my Tesla Model S P85D to our office in Windsor. I spend most of my time on the phone or on email. Though I'm a bit of a geek, my developers won't let me anywhere near the code now.


Alongside musical theatre, cars are my only vice. I have six, including a Morgan Aero Supersports (right) that's perfect for Sunday afternoons in the country, a Ferrari 458 that's exhilarating on the racetrack and a Range Rover Autobiography, which is a dog bus. I can play the organ, but as I can't fit one in my house I stick to piano. Playing blues and jazz is very soothing, but I'm probably more Les Dawson than Jamie Cullen. I started sailing recently, principally because my wife Ashley's family are all sailors. I feel I'm less of a man in her eyes if I can't sail. We cook together using ingredients from HelloFresh, but I'll often get something from Deliveroo if I'm feeling lazy. I lost three and a half stone since adopting a gluten-free, mostly vegan diet last year.


I have over two million air miles, but I'm a bit of a princess when it comes to flying. Usually it's Virgin Atlantic Upper or BA first class, simply because I need to sleep. Noise cancelling headphones are essential, especially for calming my nerves at take-off. Being a pilot, I know what can go wrong. I got my licence at 18 but still fly a Cessna 172 (left) a few times a year. It's the equivalent of a Ford Fiesta - fine to learn in but very unsexy. I try to stay in Starwood Group hotels or the Four Seasons wherever I am, but my house in Provence (right) is where I go to escape the world.


It's wonderful that what we do makes a difference for millions of people. I met Ashley - a part-time yoga teacher - on, so I'm fortunate to have experienced that myself. We donate 1% of our profits and time to local charities the staff support through the Venntro Foundation. We like support smaller causes where we can make a difference. One example is the Thames Hospice, which looked after a friend of mine during her terminal cancer. When I'm in London stressed, I cast my mind back to the three months I spent in the Moroccan countryside (above) in my 20s. I went with a friend who was doing charity work for the Peace Corps. It was my bohemian, hippy moment but it put things in perspective.

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