The Apprentice: Nick Hewer says out with the old, in with the older

Lord Sugar's long-suffering adviser Nick Hewer has suggested a new format for the next series of The Apprentice: a show focusing on OAPs.

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 08 Mar 2016

Following the success of Junior Apprentice and, more recently, Young Apprentice, Hewer believes there’s a gap in the market for another reworking of the show. And this time, he reckons it’s all about the veterans: the retired or semi-retired entrepreneurs and business people. ‘That would be even more fascinating,’ he says. ‘See life experience get some of the spotlight.’

Speaking to The Sun this weekend, Hewer said: ‘We have 20 weeks of it a year now. But is that enough? [Yes, plenty.] We need an old persons' Apprentice next, I think.’

And, all sarcasm aside, Hewer may have a point. In the wake of the ageism row at the BBC, and the general lack of understanding and sensitivity toward the older generation shown on the programme – remember Hip Replacement Magazine? – could it be time give the show a little maturity?

The current Apprentice format feels hackneyed despite all attempts to shake up the proposition. The ‘Get some start-up capital and become an entrepreneur’ angle looked like a winner but where’s wacky Tom Pellereau now, I ask you? Perhaps an OAP Apprentice would be just the ticket.

If nothing else, watching Lord Sugar get a dressing down from his elders - ‘Don’t you talk to me like that, you pipsqueak!’ – would be TV gold.

Are you for or against an OAPprentice? Leave us a comment and let us know. Got a better idea? Do share!

The new series of Young Apprentice starts on BBC1 on Monday 24th October

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