Appy Christmas: Tesco to take a swing at Apple and Amazon with new tablet

The supermarket chain could have an iPad-like device in the shops by Christmas

by Gabriella Griffith
Last Updated: 27 Jan 2015
The days of supermarkets sticking to selling fruit and veg are long gone, but now rumor has it we’ll be seeing Tesco launch its own computer hardware, in the form of a tablet. According to the Sunday Times, Tesco is planning to have a ‘high-quality’ tablet on the shelves just in time for Christmas.
The supermarket giant has declined to comment on the launch, but sources have claimed it could be reminiscent of the Kindle Fire and come jam packed with books, music and films, as well as Tesco’s digital grocery and banking apps and of course Blinkbox, its movie and TV streaming service.
Although there’s very little known about the proposed device, pundits are already wagering the tablet will run on the Android operating system. In fact, it's likely to be a branded version of the tablets offered up by Google and Samsung.
It’s an interesting move and will be the first time a supermarket has made a move into the tablet space. But after Tesco’s purchase of Blinkbox back in 2011, it’s a move that kind of makes sense. The supermarket has been losing out on its once healthy DVD and book trade to internet giants like Apple and Amazon, so this would, theoretically, put it back in the game.
Also, chief executive Philip Clark has previously made clear his ambition to appeal to youngsters, saying: ‘I’m very keen not to lose out when the millennials come through — they’re already becoming homemakers.’
Whether this foray into the hardware space will work out or not, no one can say. What is certain is, it will have to look damn good to draw the shoppers from their established favourites, the stylish iPad and Kindle. MT doubts Jonny Ives, Apple’s much-lauded chief designer, is planning to moonlight for the supermarket chain any time soon.

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