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April Fools: the best and the worst gags. Mainly the worst

Somewhere out there it isn't midday yet.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 04 Mar 2016

1. Google

As any Google aka internet user will tell you, the search giant goes all out on April Fool's day. This time, it was jokes ahoy. There was the new Pokemon feature on Google Maps:

Then there was the new 'Auto Awesome Photobomb' feature on G+:

And then there was this quite weird - weird enough so that we're not 100% sure this is a hoax - Gmail 'Shelfie theme'.

Actually selfies are a bit of a theme this year...

2. Bathstore

There's nothing like a bit of appalling Photoshopping to convince the reader that what they're looking at is someone's dad trying to be funny. Step forward, Bathstore, whose 'Mirrorgram' allows people to take selfies. 'Have you ever stepped out of the shower, wiped the steam from the mirror and thought that you look good enough to Tweet?' it asks. Nope. Next...

3. BMW

It wouldn't be April Fool's day if, across the land, people weren't frowning at a cheesy BMW gag in their newspapers. This year it announced a 'Force Injection Booster' that works by 'extracting kinetic energy from the car's engine and converting it into positive g-forces' - ie makes you feel like you're driving fast. We would have believed it, were it not for the dog's ridiculous ears...

4. Floramite

Pre-mixed Flora and Marmite, available in light, medium or dark? MT will scoff at this right up until it discovers this in a supermarket aisle. Then it will by three tubs.

5. Reddit

Like Google, Tumblr has form when it comes to April Fool's day. Alright, so this year's effort wasn't quite as good as last year's supremely nerdy one, but we like the haggard-looking Reddit alien.

6. Tesco

Tesco came over all techie this morning when it announced the launch of the 'Cudl', a version of its Hudl tablet connected by a curly telephone wire (aka 'Springback technology'): 'the world's first tablet for two'. This revolutionary new concept in table-to-tablet shareability has been specifically designed to put relationship harmony at the heart of your digital life,' it trilled. 'The tablets-for-two solution is the perfect way to turn online time into quality time.' You guys...

Actually, tablets are a thing this year, too:

7. Ocado

Ocado's joke? A 42 inch tablet called sLablet. It takes 19 hours to charge, has one hour of battery life - but who cares, says Kevin Simmons, vice president of Quadro-fabricated division at Ocado Technology. 'When it came to creating the sLablet, we thought, why be shackled by the constraints of a seven-inch tablet? We wanted to escape the claustrophobic conformity that these devices were inexplicably forcing on consumers.'

'You have to remember - not only is it the best tablet we have ever made, it's also the only tablet we have ever made,' adds his mate. But is it the only joke you've ever made? Yes. It probably is.

8. Microsoft

Remember Clippy, the affable talking paperclip which made Word and Excel users circa 1999 want to hurl their computers out of the window? He's back - IRL. SmartClippy is Microsoft's latest innovation. We'll leave it to the, er, clip himself to explain what's going on:

'Microsoft announced the date for the end of Windows XP support back in 2007, so I’ve had a lot of time to plan my next move. And now I’m excited to finally announce the next chapter in my life. I’m going back to basics and doing what paper clips like me are born to do: Attach things to other things.'

His full range of uses can be found here - but here's Clippy in all his glory:

9. Virgin Active

'Revolutionary smart technology' will 'help Brits perfect their "belfie"' (bottom selfie, duh) in the new 'Smartie Pants', which are 'fitted with a streamline sensor that hugs the wearer's glutes and has been expertly placed to record their every clench'. And there we were, worrying there were going to be no bottom jokes this year...

10. Morphsuits

Here at MT we're big fans of the chaps from Morphsuits - they did our first ever 20 Questions. Now they reckon they've launched the 'Hollow Man Suit' - the first ever costume designed to make the wearer entirely invisible to the naked eye. Does it make them invincible, too? No? Best get out of the road, then, love.

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