Aston Martin king of cool

The production model might not feature a bullet-proof chassis, machine guns or an ejector seat, but Aston Martin’s latest appearance in Bond film Casino Royale has helped to keep the car maker at the top of a list of the coolest brands in the UK.

Last Updated: 06 Nov 2012

The CoolBrands Council has put Aston Martin top of a list largely dominated by firms that weren’t even thought of when the company made its first car in 1914. iPod and YouTube took the other medal positions, while Google was fifth and PlayStation sixth.

The success of Casino Royale (and its star Daniel Craig) has been a further boost for Aston Martin, which previewed its new DBS model in the film. The car even set a new world record during filming when stunt driver Adam Kirley managed to roll it seven times in a single take (with a little help from a cannon).

Getting out from under the Ford umbrella probably hasn’t done its cool rating any harm, either. The ailing US car maker finally sold off the marque to a consortium led by ProDrive founder Dave Richards in July, bringing it back into British (plus a few Kuwaiti) hands. Fortunately Aston Martin’s reputation as the quintessential British brand seems to have survived Ford’s 20-year involvement (plus the dubious honour of being the favourite car of Prince Charles).

On the other hand, MT thinks questions should be asked about the council’s composition. Not least, why weren’t we asked? Surely we’re cooler than TV presenter June Sarpong?

What’s more, this council also decided that the Beckhams (especially David) were the UK’s coolest celebrities. So perhaps Aston Martin shouldn’t get too over-excited…

MT spoke to Dave Richards just after he sealed the Aston Martin deal. Read the interview here.

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