Be authentic - Genghis Khan

These days, business schools say that being a good CEO is less about emulating a business hero than about just being yourself.

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

So tear the Jack Welch posters from your bedroom wall and look inwards instead, because 'authenticity' is where it's at. True leaders are honest about their strengths and weaknesses (see our feature this month)

. Yet this idea is not new.Nine centuries ago, unlikely management guru Genghis Khan pioneered his own brand of authenticity. The Mongol ruler, born Temujin, realised that his strength lay in his supremely courageous chieftaincy, and assumed a nom de guerre to reflect this (Genghis Khan means 'Fearless Leader').

His weakness? A wicked, all-consuming appetite for violence. What can leaders wanting to get in touch with their inner selves learn from this bloodthirsty but ingenious brute? Essentially, identify and roar about your strengths (as Khan did), and turn your weaknesses to your advantage (though MT doesn't avocate the beheading of competitors).

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