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Remaking Middlesbrough: How hipsters are regenerating the town post-steel

MT ARCHIVE: Posh pubs, cool cafes, and digital start-ups are turning Middlesbrough into the Shoreditch of the north. But will a bevy of hip independent businesses be enough to regenerate this deprived industrial town?

Meet the former hotelier making Airbnb easy

Nakul Sharma is the founder of Hostmaker, which manages lettings on behalf of their owners.

Why Veolia's patient CEO isn't worried about Brexit

Antoine Frérot tells MT about his plans to grow the French utilities giant, the importance of the 'circular economy' and why more leaders should get into art.

Why has Facebook bought a nine-week old app?

The social media giant has spent an undisclosed amount on TBH, which lets teens send anonymous compliments to each other.

Camden Town Brewery's founder on life after acquisition

The London beer maker is expanding fast under AB InBev. Jasper Cuppaidge isn't keen to move on anytime soon.

Who is Airbus boss Tom Enders?

The aerospace CEO is the son of a shepherd and sits on the secretive Bilderberg group's steering committee.

Why is Britain's productivity lagging behind?

Unemployment may be at record lows but not all the figures are encouraging.

Meet the entrepreneurs selling postcards to the selfie generation

TouchNote turns pictures on your smartphone into physical cards you can send to friends and family.

Workers and bosses unite to call for clarity on EU migrants

The CBI and the TUC say uncertainty over European migrants' rights has become a 'blight on the values of our nations.'

Why are women managers paid 27% less than men?

The gender pay gap is exacerbated by bonuses, according to research released today.