Adam Gale

Former editor

On the simplest level, Adam's job is to learn what makes a great company, and then bring that to life in stories that reflect the vivid cut and thrust of business leadership. If there's one lesson Management Today's editor has picked up from the hundreds of conversations he's had to that end with chief executives, founders and scholars, it's that acting is generally more effective when preceded by thinking.


Dev Pragad

Newsweek CEO's eye-opening moment during the pandemic

"Your other children did that too. You just weren't here to see it". How the pandemic fundamentally changed Dev Pragad's approach to work-life balance.

Dev Pragad

Dev Pragad: the man who saved the news

Newsweek – for years a byword for undignified decline through its twisting, torturous series of scandals, reversals, missed opportunities, own goals and failed relaunches – is now a brand on the up again. MT meets Dev Pragad, the man who made it happen.

Greg Jackson

How Greg Jackson built an energy start-up now worth more than Centrica

Octopus Energy founder and CEO Greg Jackson's start-up is now valued at £3.36bn - more than British Gas owner Centrica. He tells MT his secret is an unwavering focus on customer experience.


Cryptocurrencies: the most important invention since the internet?

There are plenty of hyperbolic claims about Bitcoin et al. But just what exactly are cryptocurrencies and is there a business case for them?

Having a vision is not enough to drive change

The leader that made me: Some people can’t - or won’t - be convinced, as The Brokerage CEO Katerina Rüdiger found out.

A farewell from MT's editor

It's been a pleasure.

How to sell anything to anyone

Long read: Great sales organisations have a few things in common. But is the gift of the gab one of them?

Someone needs to stop Google

Investor Andrew Dixon on why it will take far more than the proposed global minimum corporation tax to level the playing field with the tech giants.

Greene King CEO Nick Mackenzie on surviving the pub apocalypse

Video: The drinks trade boss on listening to employees, unexpected staff shortages and emerging stronger from the crisis than the competition.

How to make an entrance as a new leader

Q&A: Ann Cairns, executive vice chair, Mastercard, and global chair, 30% Club.