René Carayol

René is one of the world’s leading executive coaches, working with some of the Fortune 500’s and FTSE 100’s top chief executive officers and their executive teams.

René acquires case studies and stories from the frontline and first-hand. There are exciting adventures, emotional anecdotes, and enough drama to excite any audience. He delivers learning wrapped up as never-to-be-forgotten stories told by a master storyteller. You will want to hear them again and again. Connect with him here:




René Carayol

Why personal connection is the secret to modern leadership

Prioritising personal connection is the key to leading a team effectively, whatever the medium of communication, argues René Carayol

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Why your team needs a ‘safe space’ to discuss inclusion

Wounds are teachers. Just because inclusion is difficult or has painful memories, don’t avoid it.

What you can learn from the work experience girl

Priyanka’s unpressured experience changed her - and the team - says René Carayol.

Leaders should show compassion, not hypocrisy

Sounds obvious? Tell the PM.

Race at work: Silence is not enough

Good intentions and a desire for an easy life will only get you so far, says this columnist.

What you need to know about White privilege

The recent controversy over White working class children underperforming in the education system got our columnist thinking about his old school.

The real meaning of "taking the knee"

Many leaders are out of touch with a generation for whom inclusivity and solidarity are non-negotiable.

Stressed CEOs will find Naomi Osaka's story all too familiar

The tennis player's disgraceful treatment after admitting her mental health challenges is yet another sign we need to rethink our attitudes.

Race at work: ‘Colour blindness’ is just blindness

Neutrality on race allows implicit bias to run rampant.

3 women leaders who show that difference is strength

On one day I saw empathy, humility and determination.