Paul Simpson

Disruptor London

Disrupter London founders: "It’s hard to cope with the relentless excess"

The founders of beauty start-up Disruptor London tell MT why they are doing things differently to escape the industry's "buy more, buy often" philosophy.

Experiments, Getty

The power of experiments

Cognitive errors often stop businesses innovating. But running experiments can help leaders break this barrier, Jeanne Liedtka, co-author of the The Experimentation Field Book, tells MT.

Xenophon Getty

Management Thinkers: Why Xenophon still matters

“The earliest extant management consultant” and the author of the first systematic book on leadership ever published.


In praise of polymaths

The man who tried to buy Apple for EMI is one of Britain’s most agile, visionary and unsung business leaders. Paul Simpson analyses the underrated genius of Donald Maclean (the tech guru not spy).

christmas reading

MT's best books to read over Christmas

Christmas reading for CEOs - here is MT's pick of the best business books to expand your business nous.

Gianna Driver

'The opposite of belonging is fitting in'

Gianna Driver, the chief HR officer of Silicon Valley cybersecurity giant Exabeam, on creating inclusive work cultures in the fiercest battlefield for talent in the business world.

Getty China

China’s difficult balancing act

The prediction that China would replace the US as the world's largest economy by 2030 has largely been abandoned. Is the country still fertile ground for global expansion?


Napoleon: “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than 1,000 bayonets.”

“I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion. The whole secret of government is knowing when to be one or the other.”

Liz Truss Getty Images

The 2023 Autumn Budget: An admission Liz Truss was right?

The Budget decoded for business leaders: “Hunt’s autumn statement can be read as a tacit admission that Liz Truss may have been onto something with her (badly-costed) dash for growth.”

Dynamic pricing

Should your business introduce dynamic pricing?

"The price of the same drink could vary from one round to another or, if you’re unlucky, while a round is being ordered.” Paul Simpson investigates the increasingly common policy of surge pricing.