Paul Simpson


Will the UK ever clamp down on corruption?

The UK's leniency towards corruption is damaging its global reputation, argues academic Oliver Bullough in his latest book Butler to the World.


Bean counters: the sustainability heroes?

Why the pedantry of accountants could become the secret sauce for businesses.

Boris Johnson

Is the CBI doing its job?

The Confederation of British Industry positions itself as the 'voice of British business'. But as we become increasingly distrustful of businesses, questions are being raised about the efficacy of the institution.

The changing face of private equity

Cheat sheet: A quick guide to the inner workings of private equity and how it has changed over the years.

The Information

Should UK businesses be concerned about the rise of private equity?

They are portrayed as the villains of the financial world. Monsters on the prowl, looking to snap up companies, load them with debt and then rip them apart. But are they really such vultures?

Vodafone: "Culture is built from every email, every video call, every phone call"

Vodafone prepared 2,300 call centre staff for remote working in less than a week. MT speaks to its chief HR officer to find out how it builds culture and why getting it right makes hard business sense.

Why Peter Drucker still matters

The man who helped invent modern management was at the height of his fame in the late 1960s, but his emphasis on the moral quality of an organisation predates today's ESG agenda.

How SMEs can avoid financial pain from the supply chain crisis

The supply chain crisis is threatening to strangle small businesses. Here's how SMEs can avoid financial pain.

Alan Sugar

5 bizarre business lessons to take from The Apprentice

As the new series of The Apprentice - the first in 2 years - kicks off tonight, MT asks whether the show has taught us anything about business.