Éilis Cronin

SMEs going for growth

SMEs going for growth with £633m investment plans

SMEs are expecting to spend an average of £111k on growth strategies in the next year. Here's what they will spend it on...

Gemma McCall

“Experiencing maternity discrimination twice ignited the activist in me”

5 minutes with… Gemma McCall, CEO of discrimination reporting software Culture Shift

Jeff Dewing

WATCH: The "tough" leader who cried during an all-staff meeting

Showing emotions can be your greatest strength in times of crisis

Clare Grace

The Big Pharma gender conundrum

The pharmaceutical industry is championing women in its workforce - but is failing to get them into the C-suite. MT talks to Clare Grace, chief patient officer at clinical research organisation Parexel, on how to break down barriers.

How can SMEs cope with the latest hike in inflation?

How can SMEs cope with the latest hike in inflation?

MT Asks: With the latest inflation update from the Bank of England crushing any business confidence, leaders have been prepping their businesses for the coming financial crisis

Aviva’s first female CEO questioned over “wearing trousers” at AGM

Aviva’s first female CEO questioned over “wearing trousers” at AGM

Amanda Blanc, Aviva’s first female CEO, hits back at sexist shareholder comments at this week’s AGM and says the more senior she gets, the worse the behaviour

Michelle Matherson

"Part-time work creates a better balance for your mind and soul”

The BBC's creative diversity partner Michelle Matherson works three days a week and believes owning your space is key to making part-time work successfully


Revealed: The Power Climbers 2022

The rising stars of Timewise's Power List, proving that being part-time needn't be a cap on your ambitions.

Dark side of hybrid working

Proximity bias and career regression: the dark side to hybrid working

There are hidden downsides to hybrid working that might be impacting your female employees

Bad hire

Businesses regret almost half of new hires amid skills shortage

A lack of talent within the labour market is causing businesses to make bad hiring decisions