Éilis Cronin

impact investing

Douglas Hansen-Luke: 'Venture capital is on a cliff edge'

The founder and CEO of Future Planet Capital, discusses the state of venture capital and why he believes impact investing is the future.

Jeremy Hunt Autumn Budget 2023

MT Asks: What do CEOs make of the 2023 Autumn Budget?

Tax cuts, discounted rates and AI support were just a few of the policies laid out in this year’s statement.

Kate Ryder

Kate Ryder: “Scaling a technology company is a fun problem to solve”

How one woman’s own plans to start a family inspired a global clinic with women at its very heart.

Vicky Bullen

The CEO who turned down the job...twice

Vicky Bullen has held the title of CEO at Coley Porter Bell for 15 years. But it took a couple of false starts for her to get there.

Martin Kon Cohere

‘Just pick something low risk’: advice from an AI start-up

Martin Kon, president and chief operating officer at Cohere, gives his take on the new AI frontier and provides unsure leaders with advice on getting started.

Evan Goldberg NetSuite

NetSuite founder: “I wouldn't recommend shutting a business to my worst enemy”

The enigmatic co-founder speaks to MT about his vision for NetSuite, the scepticism around AI and how he takes advantage of a crisis.

insolvencies hit 14 year high

Insolvencies at 14-year high in April to September

Rising interest rates, debt levels and prices are seemingly to blame for the highest number of insolvencies since the 2008 financial crash.

Beauty Pie Kevin Cornils

Beauty Pie CEO: “You have a better chance of succeeding with complementary skill sets”

While it can be lonely at the top, Kevin Cornils, chief executive of Beauty Pie, is embracing his working relationship with founder, Marcia Kilgore.

angry leader

Can harnessing anger make you a better leader?

Anger is a divisive emotion, but leaders can harness it correctly to get the most out of their people.

busy office

MT Asks: Will more time in the office increase productivity?

As the UK continues to languish at the bottom of productivity lists, will increasing the number of days in the office help boost its rankings?