Éilis Cronin

Future of leadership

Lessons from the leaders of the future

Want to know more about the future of leadership? Listen to the young leaders of today

Primark click and collect

Why is Primark finally going online?

Primark has finally joined the digital sphere with a trial click and collect service - but why now?

Rachel Cook

“You are not going to get better by accident”

5 minutes with… Rachel Cook, managing director at digital design agency Thompson, who rose through the ranks from office manager to MD after a less-than-ideal MBO

Women on boards

More women on boards is key to improving employee satisfaction

Want to boost employee satisfaction within your organisation? Get more women onto the board of directors

Activist investors

Activist investors: helping or harming?

Engineer turned activist investor Mark van Baal argues activist investors can help major oil and gas companies to make sustainable changes

Amy Golding

“I had the worst financial year of my CEO career. I’m a better leader because of it”

What Amy Golding, the youngest female CEO of a £100m turnover business, learned from testing times, being a young leader and her latest venture to diversify the tech talent pool

private equity

Is the era of mega valuations over?

A gap is growing between company valuations in the public and private markets. But experts are split over how this will impact investment strategies.

Ernest Hemingway
The Information

Are expats a dying breed?

In a world of deglobalisation, what next for the expat community?

Renting office space

Is renting office space the answer for businesses looking for new revenue streams?

MT Asks: As Tesco jumps on the remote working hype and offers up office space in one of its stores, MT asks leaders whether renting out office space is beneficial for both businesses and its workers.

Silver exodus

The rise of the ‘silver exodus’

Over-50s are resigning at an alarming rate and are unlikely to return to the workforce