Autumn audio: Top podcasts for CEOs

As offices nationwide splutter back to life, Management Today rounds up the top podcasts to spice up your commute.

by Orianna Rosa Royle
Last Updated: 08 Sep 2020

1. Best selling author and coach, Junior Ogunyemi, reveals entrepreneurs' secrets for success, such as “the eagle mindset”, in Revelations Of An Entrepreneur. The 20 minute episodes debunk misconceptions about starting and growing a business.

2. Pressed for time? At around three minutes long, The Everyday Positivity offers bitesize motivation while you (delete as appropriate) brush your teeth/brew your morning cuppa/fire up your computer, to start your day on the right foot. 

3. Sports broadcaster Jake Humphrey and organisational psychologist Damian Hughes use The High Performance Podcast to uncover the non-negotiable behaviours of the high-achieving. Expect to hear from various sport stars, including Tom Daley, and business leaders like Holly Tucker, in the hour long episodes.

4. Business psychologist Michael Costello meets top founders and workplace experts to address common leadership and workplace challenges in the Workplace Evolution Podcast, in association with Management Today. The meaty 45 minute episodes feature the likes of Yo!Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe and Formula 1's David Coulthard.

5. Listen in on the people behind some of the world’s most successful brands in How I Built This. Included in the hot seat are the founders of Whole Foods Market, Airbnb, Wayfair and more, describing growing the seeds of their idea to multimillion dollar businesses - and what they learnt along the way.

6. Brené Brown - the woman behind one of the most viewed TED Talks in the world - has just dropped the second season of her podcast Unlocking Us which searches what it means to be human. The intense series tackles topics at the forefront of leaders’ minds like vulnerability, the importance of apologising and being anti-racist, with guests ranging from Judd Apatow to Tarana Burke.

7. Most people work about 80,000 hours in their career. How can you best use those hours to help solve the world’s most pressing problems? Podcast 80,000 Hours isn't a bad place to start. Its in-depth episodes, which can be up to three hours long, explore top-line subjects from metacognition and global catastrophic risks to rogue AI.

8. If finding spare time to read is a constant losing battle, You Exec highlights the best insights from top business and self-improvement literature. The 30 minute podcast summarises a new book each week, including Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People, and The Infinite Game.

9. In Eat Sleep Work Repeat, former Twitter Europe VP Bruce Daisley talks to scientists and other experts to discover ways to make work better, whether it’s the big return to the office or changing your company culture. 

10. And one to look forward to… “Silicon Valley’s most feared and well liked journalist” Kara Swisher will be interviewing people in power in Sway. Out September 21, it will investigate how those who have power hold it, use it and yield it.  

Image credit: LeoPatrizi via Getty Images


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