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The best and worst April Fool's Day jokes

From doggy wellies to backwards toilets and the long-awaited return of MS Dos.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 01 Apr 2015

Here at MT, we hate April 1st so much we’re going to pretend nothing’s happening and carry on writing serious journalism as if our careers depend on it…

… Only foolin’ with ya – we love a groan-worthy prank as much as the next hack, so here are our favourite so-bad-they’re-good April Fool’s jokes from businesses up and down Britain before the clock struck midday.

1. Bathstore goes into reverse

Er, no.

2. Pieminster lights up

— pieminister (@pieminister) April 1, 2015

Sure we’ve seen this one before somewhere…

3. Hunter is barking mad

Again, not a new idea. But very cute.

4. Cambridge University is oh so clever

Well played Tabs, well played.

5. BMW gets its teeth into a ‘unique opportunity’

England rugby captain Chris Robshaw sounds sooo enthusiastic.

6. Mastercard tries to make pin security happen (it’s not going to happen)

We agree Martin, it really is time to move on from 2003.

7. Branson, Missouri anyone?

MT would definitely demand to be flown by Jolene.

8. Microsoft revives MS Dos

It was acceptable in the 80s after all.

9. Ikea goes on about flatpack (again)

Fäce. Pälm.

10. Marmite divides opinion (again…)

MT is on the hate bench personally.

11. TOWIE for Tesco

Points deducted for lame use of Photoshop.

12. Santander gets on its bike

Obviously all companies’ April Fool’s jokes are marketing stunts, but this one is just naked (and also yet more lame Photoshop).

13. Beefeater chows down

There’s something that looks suspiciously like bacon in that salad.

14. Hailo puts their back into it

Still going to take an Uber, soz.

15. And finally, all hail the Guardian

Nothing like a good fracas eh?


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