Bigjigs to sponsor London Underground?

Toy train company Bigjigs wants to rename the Metropolitan line 'Metropolijigs'. That isn't even a good pun...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Unless you’re the parent of a toddler (or just a big kid), the last time you’ll have heard of Bigjigs was when the model train manufacturer put in a bid to operate services on the West Coast mainline after FirstGroup and Virgin’s squabble over who should get to do it.

Having had such an overwhelming success with one PR stunt, it’s having another try, offering to become one of the first sponsors of the London Underground, after a report by Conservative members of the London Assembly suggested Transport for London could raise £136m through sponsorship deals.

In an open letter to TfL, it said it would undertake ‘full sponsorship and renaming of all lines to fit in with the Bigjigs Rail theme including Bakerloo to Bigerloo, Metropolitan to Metropolijigs and Piccadilly to Jigadilly’, as well as re-designing the Underground map to ‘highlight areas of particular importance through persons of interest including Her Majesty the Queen, Boris Johnson and David Beckham.

It also wants to ‘remove and replace’ the Zone template, using ‘the iconic Bigjigs puzzle piece’, which would ‘result in a more organized and fairer zone system’ and (our favourite) ‘replace all the current seating (which is often dusty and covered in gum) with Bigjigs Loco Ride-On’s [sic] allowing commuters to play and enjoy their ride on the tube’.

Hmm. We doubt even sitting on plastic ride-on trails will persuade tube commuters to get talking.

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