Book rewiew: Three of a kind - Girls on top

How does a women get to the top in business? These three books offer some advice.

Last Updated: 02 Apr 2012

1) I'd Rather Be in Charge

Charlotte Beers

Vanguard Press, £17.99

Formerly head of two multinational advertising companies and ex-US undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, Beers knows a thing or two about being in charge. And her book is peppered with tales of self-discovery from her own career. It offers solid advice for women embarking upon - or trying to rejuvenate - their careers. At times a touch Americanised but inspiring stuff nonetheless - Best of its kind. ***

2) The Equality Illusion

Kat Banyard

Faber and Faber, £12.99

To quota or not to quota? That is the question faced by a government trying to find a way to equalise FTSE 100 boards, of which just 15% are made up of women. So Banyard's point that feminism's work is far from over is a jolly good one. While some of her arguments may be weaker than we would like, this updates feminist thinking for the Jordan generation - Could be useful. **

Where Have All the Senior Women Gone?

Ines Wichert

Palgrave Macmillan, £26

Wichert argues that a lack of certain experiences holds women back from being hired for senior positions. She sets out nine 'critical job assignments' that raise women's chances of getting top jobs - from international postings to becoming a 'turnaround pro'. So far, so reasonable. Unfortunately, though packed with good advice, this book is drier than an East Anglian riverbed - Of minor interest. *

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