BOOKS: The book that shook Carlos Losada

One of the books that has helped me the most is Henry Mintzberg's The Nature of Managerial Work. It provides a richer and more extensive view of what I first understood as the management function. If you read Michael Porter, the manager is a reflective and analytical person; according to Tom Peters, the manager is a doer; for Peter Drucker, the manager is a person who knows how to organise resources and appropriately control the execution of daily activities - and so on. Mintzberg's book provided me with a far more all-encompassing view of what management represents.

by Carlos Losada, director general of the ESADE Business School, Barcelona
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

It highlighted the multi-faceted demands any organisation places on a manager: leadership, motivation and the ability to form networked connections; information management and dissemination; control and regulation; the ability to take appropriate and decisive action, manage crises, allocate resources, negotiate, etc. Reading Mintzberg reinforced my belief that there is no one-stop solution to knowing how to manage, but it allowed me to reappraise my own experience and learn from it, and illustrated that there is nothing more useful as a starting point for learning than a sound theory.

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