Books: New Guru Guide - Arlie Russell Hochschild

Books: New Guru Guide - Arlie Russell Hochschild - Who is she?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Who is she?

Hochschild is professor of sociology at the University of California at Berkeley, and co-director of the Center for Working Families. She has tracked the changing roles of men and women at work and at home over two decades, and is perhaps the leading expert in the debate on work/life balance.

How did she get here?

Her long and distinguished career at Berkeley included a posting to Kerala, south India. In demand globally, she spoke at a recent Industrial Society seminar in London.

What she's written

The Managed Heart - the commercialisation of human feeling (1983), The Second Shift ('93), The Time Bind - when work becomes home and home becomes work ('97)

What they say about her

'Groundbreaking analysis ... important, provocative and a little scary' - Newsweek; 'She combines the astute and subtle insights of a great social scientist with the narrative gift of a poet and the kindness of a profound humanist.' - Robert Kuttner, author of Everything for Sale.


'The idea of more time for family life seems to have died, gone to heaven and become an angel of an idea.'

What's next?

More awkward questions from her about globalisation (and its consequences).

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