Books Special: If You Don't Know Me By Now

This might seem like a shameless plug for one of our own, but we think Sathnam's new book is worth it.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

We’re never shy to give a well-deserved leg-up to one of our own here at MT. So, here’s a plug for the crackingly good first book from our motoring correspondent, Sathnam Sanghera: ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now.’ (Viking)

Just in case you don’t believe us, here’s what one reviewer wrote on Amazon. ‘Not only is this an incredibly moving personal history but it is also a hugely compelling read, in equal parts hilarious and tear jerking. Sathnam explores his subject with bravery, candour and compassion whilst retaining the wit, the one-liners and the well turned phrases that are his trademark as a writer. Sathnam's themes are both challenging (the tension between traditional Sikhism and modern Britain, mental illness, prejudice and ignorance) and universal (family relationships, love and happiness). At its conclusion, these intertwining threads are brought together to make this the most remarkable and enjoyable book I have read for years.” (Promise we didn’t write any of this).

We first came across Sanghera when he walked off with top awards in consecutive years in our Management Writing Awards. We were so impressed that, despite his undying and frequently declared devotion to the works of George Michael, we gave him a column.

And as a special treat, click HERE for a sneak preview of his entertaining views on the Kia Cee’d SW, due to appear in next month’s MT...

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