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Last Updated: 09 Jul 2013

50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website
Steve Johnston and Liam McGee
Random House £8.99

A bit of a strange one, this, with basic information about the internet ('every part of the web's information resides on what is called a web page') next to an exhaustive history of Google - including the equation it uses as its search algorithm. It lurches from beginner to advanced very quickly and can leave you feeling seasick. That said, it's comprehensive, readable and contains some great ideas. Best of its kind

Twitter Tips, Tricks and Tweets
Paul McFedries
Wiley £13.99

Faced with the question: 'what's Twitter?', even the most experienced tweetists stumble. This is a 251-page attempt to answer that very question: a complete guide to the tweets, apps and tricks involved in belonging to one of the world's fastest-growing communities. Don't expect anything too advanced: despite its claims to the contrary, this is strictly for beginners. Could be useful

Me and My Web Shadow
Antony Mayfield
A&C Black £10.99

Managing your online reputation is fairly straightforward: don't be rude and don't be too political. This guide could be of use to those who have never used the web before (which leads us to the question of whether they would even have an online reputation to manage), but watch out for the author's uses of the word 'maybe': many, varied and very grating. Of minor interest

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