Books: Three of a Kind - The art of giving appraisals

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Appraisal and Feedback Clive Fletcher CIPD £26.99

Well-written, heavily researched and with lots of practical advice, this book (now in its third edition) is a must-read for HR professionals and line managers alike. Fletcher, an emeritus professor at Goldsmiths College, covers everything from deciding what the aims of an appraisal should be to appraisal training. Its appendices even include sample evaluation questionnaires - BEST OF ITS KIND

Conducting Staff Appraisals Dr Nigel Hunt How to Books £9.99

The perfect read for new managers worried about conducting their first staff appraisal - Hunt's book can be dry but, boy, is it thorough. Every stage is covered (in depth) and every technique dissected (at length). Hunt focuses on ways to make appraisals achieve something - stressing openness as the key and championing alternatives to the traditional top-down approach - COULD BE USEFUL

Performance Management Michael Armstrong Kogan Page £25.00

If you come from the school of thought that believes appraisals should be swapped for something a little more holistic, then Armstrong will give you much food for thought. Don't let the academic tone put you off. Threaded through with references from real companies, this book (also in its third edition) is as much about strategy as about the nitty-gritty. There's enough here to keep the most pernickety HR manager happy - COULD BE USEFUL.


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