Books: Three of a kind - How to avoid the culture crunch

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Business Across Cultures

Fons Trompenaars & Peter Woolliams

Capstone £12.99

This useful and informative guide to different business cultures covers areas relevant to all readers, wherever they do business. Of particular interest are the sections on managing human resources issues across cultures, and how to make marketing and accounting work in different cultures. It's a valuable asset for any business library. Could be useful.

Working Abroad - The complete guide to overseas employment

Godfrey Golzen & Jonathan Reuvid

Kogan Page £12.99

This graduate-style guide to working abroad covers all matters of importance and concern to any potential relocators, from tax issues, health insurance and house-buying to finding schools for children. The second section of the book offers a comprehensive series of country guides, with useful facts and contacts, and some guidance on business etiquette. Of minor interest.

Working with Americans

Allyson Stewart-Allen & Lanie Denslow

Prentice Hall Business £17.99

Perhaps the most important thing about this book is that the authors are both American, so presumably know what they're talking about. The text focuses on cultural differences between America and other countries, and their impact in the workplace. The layout is a touch repetitive and the read can be simplistic (who doesn't know that French fries means chips?), but it's still a useful guide. Could be useful.

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