Books: Three of a kind - How to make the best of yourself

Want to work on your presentation skills? Try these guides.

Last Updated: 01 Mar 2011

Graham Davies

Capstone £12.99

Guiding nervous or accomplished speakers alike through a methodical process on getting inspiration for and writing and performing a presentation, this book shows you how to force creativity. It's a reassuringly orderly take on how to engage an audience. 'The mantra of the 21st-century presenter should be: Say it. Support it. Shut it'. Probably the best advice we've heard in a while. - Best of its kind

Confident Networking for Career Success and Satisfaction

Gael and Stuart Lindenfield

Piatkus £9.99

A tad patronising, with its 'cool cat', 'buzzy bee' and 'wise owl' sections, this book is nonetheless a solid attempt at demystifying networking for those who would rather stay at home than be confronted with a bunch of wine-swilling strangers. With chapters on building confidence, making an impact and maintaining relationships, it's comprehensive - but if only they'd let up on the obnoxious biz lingo. - Could be useful

How to Argue: Powerfully, Persuasively, Positively

Jonathan Herring

Prentice Hall £10.99

Given the author is a 'lawyer, husband and father' (special emphasis on those last two), you'd expect this guide to winning fights to be pretty comprehensive. And there's no question of that - it's a detailed look at the strategies and linguistic tricks to employ when you've got a point to get across (and there's even a bit on losing an argument, too). - Could be useful

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