Books: Three of a Kind - Bringing success within your grasp

The key ingredients for business success, with Blaire Palmer, Jamie X Oliver and Richard Hall.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The Recipe for Success
Blaire Palmer
A&C Black

Palmer has quizzed what she calls 'key holders', 'star makers' and 'enablers' - the people who have helped others to get to the top - on what they believe to be the 10 ingredients for business success. These range from having manners, focus and conviction to being trustworthy and inventive. Palmer provides a refreshing take on how to be successful, without employing the in-your-face aggressiveness of many self-help books. A recommended read. Best of its kind.

Secret of My Success
Jamie X Oliver

This book is about learning from the experts, so there are case studies on Bill Gates, Mike Lynch, Sergey Brin and Michael Jackson (no, not the late, great Wacko Jacko but the chairman of PartyGaming), clustered under headings such as 'Attitude', 'Finance' and 'Leadership'. This is the kind of book you dip into for inspiration rather than read slavishly for practical tips. Could be useful.

The Secrets of Success at Work
Richard Hall
Pearson Prentice Hall

Hall asks: 'Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary at your job?' and then provides 10 steps to help accelerate your career. The steps might come as news to some - know what you're good at, learn from those smarter than you and help your boss - but the author's relentlessly upbeat advice can wear you down. Annoying rather than helpful. Of minor interest.

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