Books: Three of a Kind - Brush up your Sales Pitch

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Selling to Win Richard Denny; (revised edition) Kogan Page £9.99

Denny is a man clearly used to winning and, by the end of this book, he'll have won you over too. He covers all the selling basics, and gives you the kind of pep talk that will leave you straining at the leash to get out and SELL. Big type abounds and the text needs a thorough revision - Denny's talk of car cylinders will sit incongruously with female readers - but these are minor problems. You can even get your money back if you fail to sell. Best of its kind

Sales on a Beermat Mike Southon & Chris West Random House £14.99

Like the pint of beer to which its title alludes, Sales on a Beermat is refreshing, easy to get through and just the right size. There's even a frothy introduction from Stephen Fry. Aimed at the entrepreneur or novice salesperson, this book gives you everything you need to know. The downside?

More annoying big type, and the authors' egos sometimes get in the way of their messages. Could be useful

The Sales Bible Jeffrey Gitomer (revised edition) Wiley £13.50

'Aha!(TM)' No, it's not Alan Partridge but Yank salesman Jeffrey Gitomer evangelising about his Attitude Humor Action rule of sales. Wade past the endorsements at the front of the book - 'Holy-Moly! The Prophet (Profit) Gitomer has collected the most sacred of lessons into one very good book' - and you are confronted by a Hi-NRG book that will give you a migraine just looking at it.

KEY *** best of its kind ** could be useful * of minor interest none: avoid

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