Books: Three of a kind - Build an effective sales strategy

Selling With Confidence (Holmes); Sales Therapy (Leboff); The Secrets of Success in Selling (Cook)

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Selling With Confidence
Andrew Holmes
A&C Black £8.99

This book is about how small businesses can approach the sales process in a more effective way, and without breaking the bank. Does it succeed? Yes. A useful introductory, save-your-bacon guide that covers everything from the basics to how you can develop a sales culture within your company. A pocket-sized guide that will stand you in good stead

Sales Therapy

Grant Leboff
Capstone £12.99

Another book aimed at the small-business owner, with the emphasis here on creating customer relationships. Leboff's philosophy - 'sales therapy' - focuses on fulfilling your customer's goals and is based on an approach that will 'enable you to win customers by caring'. It's all about 'helping people to buy' rather than 'making sales'. Couched in cuddly language, this isn't your usual hard-sell manual, and it provides much food for thought

The Secrets of Success in Selling

Nicola Cook
Prentice Hall £12.99

A straightforward book that is divided into three sections: 'You and your sales ability', 'Your sales skills' and 'Your sales strategy'. It covers what you need to know in clear language, and includes useful exercises that will give your powers of persuasion a good workout. It is sound on the basics and is perhaps more useful for those working in larger businesses. It's lacking in pace and creativity, though

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