Books: Three of a kind - Take charge of that project

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Manage Projects Successfully
A&C Black

This is a pocket-sized guide for the novice thrown in at the deep end and in need of an emergency raft. You're asked to complete a short questionnaire before being directed to the chapters that will keep you afloat. This is an excellent, clearly written book that covers everything from time management and project planning to putting together a complementary team and dealing with unexpected problems. An excellent starting point. - Best of its kind

The Project Manager's Book of Checklists
Richard Newton
Pearson Prentice Hall

Everything you could ever imagine wanting to know about project management (and more), distilled by Newton into a reassuring series of checklists. Need help prioritising your workload? See list 1.3. If you're in an existential frame of mind, see list 4.4, entitled 'Is this a project or not?' There's plenty of handy advice but the lists become a bit relentless after a while. Recommended for the super-busy with the attention-span of a gnat. - Could be useful

The Handbook of Project Management
Trevor L Young
Kogan Page

An in-depth textbook suited to the corporate environment or larger organisations and written by an authority in the subject. Part One considers what exactly programme and project management mean, and Part Two gives you the processes and techniques you will need to fulfil your aims. It'll take a good few days to get through this hefty book, but it's well worth the read. - Could be useful

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