BOOKS: THREE OF A KIND ... CRISIS? WHAT CRISIS? - Effective Crisis Management

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Effective Crisis Management

Mike Seymour and Simon Moore

Continuum pounds 16.99

A serious, case-study based approach, in two sections. The first examines the nature of crises and talks the reader through the evolution of one. The second offers practical solutions - from product recalls to media handling. Clear and authoritative. (Could be useful)

Overdrive - Managing in Crisis-Filled Times

Michael Silva and Terry McGann John Wiley pounds 21.50

A consultant to various Fortune 500 companies, Silva is well versed in crisis management. The book is deceptively informal, but its content is sound. It includes plenty of new thinking on the issue and a section on crisis management myths. (Best of its kind)


Ros Jay

Prentice Hall pounds 7.99

Short, sharp and to the point, this book is the best one to consult once a crisis has hit. The text is dotted with reader-friendly summaries, and there is even a 'Crisis in 10 minutes' section for those who are up against the clock. Full of upbeat advice. (Could be useful)

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