Books: Three of a kind - Fresh takes on the art of negotiation

Thinking of polishing up your bargaining skills? Try these guides.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 19 Aug 2013

Why Women Don't Ask
Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever
Piatkus £12.99

Well researched and eminently readable, this important book should be required reading for every ambitious woman who wants to negotiate the salary she deserves. The authors provide an intelligent and enlightening explanation as to why women earn less than men - but they don't stop at the theory. It's crammed with real case studies and practical advice to arm you for the fight ahead. Best of its kind

Getting More
Stuart Diamond
Penguin Portfolio £14.99

This is a book with big ambitions. Do you want to negotiate a better life? Then Diamond promises to help you get more of what you want - and debunks some negotiation myths along the way. It's a persuasive, well-written, fresh look at how to get what you want, yet it's an in-depth read rather than a punchy handbook, so not so good if you're short of time. Could be useful

How to Negotiate Effectively
David Oliver
Kogan Page £9.99

Targeted at business owners and managers as well as salespeople, this is a highly practical and detailed guide (an old warhorse now in its third edition) on to how to get the most from every deal. Sensibly written, with useful devices - such as the PREPBAR acronym (Plan, Rehearse, Explore, Propose, Bargain, Agree, Review) - it's is a handy book if you're involved in any aspect of buying or selling. Could be useful

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