Books: Three of a Kind - The grammar of body language

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Body Language
Geoff Ribbens and Greg Whitear
Hodder Arnold £8.99

Do you want to know when a colleague is lying to you? Get the upper hand in a negotiation? Understand why your presentation is falling flat? This neat little book in the 'Instant Manager' series from the CMI provides immediate help: it is brimming with insight into using body language as a valuable management tool. Recommended. - BEST OF ITS KIND

Need to know? Body language
Carolyn Boyes
Collins £9.99

Written for the general market, this well-laid-out book with plenty of boxes, bullet points and photos offers an instructive head-to-toe body-language analysis. With chapters covering flirting and dating and just a short - although useful - section offering practical tips for the workplace, it can be recommended as a good starting point. - COULD BE USEFUL

The Nonverbal Advantage
Carol Kinsey Goman
Berrett-Koehler Publishers £10.99

Goman turns the unveiling of the secret science of body language into a comic art with her West Coast goofiness. There's some useful information, but the exercises need to be treated with care. Gazing into your colleague's eyes might elicit a different response from what you expected. Best left on the shelf. - OF MINOR INTEREST.

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