Books: Three of a kind - handling difficult people

Dealing with different employees? We review the best books to guide you through...

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Dealing with Difficult People for Rookies
Frances Kay
Marshall Cavendish £9.99

Intelligently written and with natty illustrations, this is easy to read and crammed with helpful advice. However, it's not the kind of book to dip in and out of, as it assumes you'd prefer to develop a proactive strategy for dealing with difficult people rather than lurch from one emergency situation to another. Recommended. - Best of its kind

Working With The Enemy
Mike Leibling
Kogan Page £9.99

The subtitle is 'How to survive and thrive with really difficult people', but what Leibling really means is how to deal with the different types of 'enemy' situations that arise when you come into contact with bosses and colleagues. He recommends 10 survival strategies, that range from communicating clearly to not taking it personally. Lots of practical advice and helpful questionnaires and tips. - Could be useful

How to Manage Difficult People
Alan Fairweather
How To Books £10.99

The author worked as a manager in sales and customer service for 15 years, so he should know a thing or two about dealing with difficult people, and his practical expertise certainly shows. This book is stuffed with sound advice, although Fairweather can be a trifle self-indulgent at times. Covers all the bases, from identifying difficult people to developing strategies for success. - Could be useful

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