Books: Three of a kind - Learn from the thinkers and doers

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The Management Gurus
Chris Lauer
Atlantic Books, £12.99

Intrigued by the vast array of management books, but don't know where to start? Chris Lauer has read 15 of the most influential (so you don't have to), and produced detailed, easy-to-read summaries, ranging from the '80s classic Gods of Management to the more recent Wikinomics. Recommended. - Best of its kind

Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus
Tim Hindle
The Economist, £20

Ever wondered what your business could learn from Skunk Works - Lockheed's research facility that created the U2 spy plane? This book will show you. Split into two sections - management ideas and gurus - it's a user-friendly guide to the best of management thought. There's plenty to digest for both the veteran and novice. But the entries in the guru section are brief, with little to chew on. Best used as a guide to further reading. - Could be useful

Movers and Shakers
Kathy Rooney
Bloomsbury, £8.99

Part one is about management thinkers from Sun Tzu to Stephen Covey, part two covers business giants from Henry Ford to Hugh Hefner. Too many ideas are covered in too little space to be of real practical use, but the 127 mini-biographies charting the breathtaking rise of some of the most dynamic people in business - check out the one on General Electric's former CEO Jack Welch - make this book an inspiring read for all managers. - Could be useful.

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